ADEM water testing and EPA air testing results available on website

MOODY, Ala. – The results of ongoing water testing indicates the underground fire at the Moody vegetative waste disposal site does not appear to be having any discernable effect at this time on the water quality of nearby streams, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management reported Friday.

ADEM has conducted instream water quality sampling at four locations, both upstream and downstream of the fire – on Big Black Creek and the Cahaba River. The testing is being done to determine any possible impacts from runoff from the fire site, including the effort to put out the fire.

“Some residents have expressed concern that runoff from the site could be having an adverse effect on the water in nearby streams,” said Jeff Kitchens, chief of ADEM’s Water Division. “We started testing the water to see what effect, if any, the fire was having, and to make that information available to the public. Fortunately, what we have seen so far tells us the fire is having little impact on water quality.”

The results of ADEM’s water tests can be found online at, a website created by ADEM to provide timely information about the fire and the efforts to extinguish it. ADEM will conduct additional water sampling and report those results to the public via the website.

At ADEM’s request, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has performed air testing at and near the site of the fire. Those results can also be found at